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Thank You

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These are some of the people who have inspired me......


* Sue & Geoff Bannister for all the support as I was growing up and for introducing me to Lindisfarne.

* Mark Bannister for encouraging me to write. You wrote me some great tunes.

* The Norton family for sticking with me through some tough times.

* My fellow poets, writers and artists at Wandsworth Salvation Army Boiler Room - especially Vicki Adams who wows me with her own poetry, and Chaziah who uses his poetic talent in a completely different way. Also Stephen Jackson - God believes in you and your writing so much.

* The late and much missed Brother Ramon SSF who blessed my Christian life with his wriritng and who taught about those "mad" Celtic Saints.

* All through the years Wandsworth has been home - no matter where I've been living at the time. I love the place and its people.

Hey there's just so many people who have influenced me. I may be updating this section sometime but if you don't get a mention in this section - don't stress about it - I really do appreciate all that everyone has done.

Thank you for visiting Davepoems. If you enjoyed what you read, please come back soon and tell your friends.