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Celtic Poems

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Over 1,000 years ago the Celtic Church thrived in Britain. Their community based evangelism brought the gospel to much of Britain. After the Council of Whitby in 664 the Celtic Church gradually sucumbed to the power of the Catholic Church and almost died out especially in England. However in these days there is a revival of interest in how these ancients had so much of an impact on their bitterly divided society. If you would like to explore Celtic Christianity, there are a number of books available on the subject. For more information contact the Northumbria Community via the link below.



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Two Rivers

I sat by the Tweed and dreamed
Dreamed of the saints of old.
Who walked upon the Holy Ground,
And saw lives changed
Signs and wonders abounded
Even nature recognised the presence of the Living God
In those Holy men.
Through them your Gospel spread
And the name of Jesus resounded throughout Northumbria.
I sat by the Wandle and dreamed
Dreamed of the saints of old.
Who walked on the hardened ground,
And saw no change
But many hardened hearts.
They knew your Holy Presence
But not the signs.
Yet we have inherited the fruits of their faithfulness
So help us to remember,help us to dream the dream
And to fulfil the promise of those holy saints of old.

The Wild Goose

Over Ireland, Iona , Lindisfarne you flew.
Their inspiration and their source of power.
Patrick, Columba,, Aidan, Cuthbert and Chad
Followed the way of the Master
And the Wild Goose.

Over many centuries men tried to hide you,
Tradition not inspiration the way.
Yet those like Bunyan, Wesley, Booth & Wigglesworth
Followed the way of the Master And the Wild Goose
And now in our day,
In our town, in our city, in our nation,
Wild Goose fly once more.
We welcome you.
We will not hide you
As we seek to Follow the way of the Master
And the Wild Goose.

St Aidan's Journey

The road ahead is long and hard
And so my prayers go with you.
The Lord shall be your strong defence
And He will guard and guide you.
And so you passed that lonely road
You Heaven inspired apostle.
Silver nor gold could touch your mind
The Lord Christ went before you.
And so fair Aidan you did pass
Across high and rolling seas,
That led you from Iona home
To the fair isle of Lindisfarne.
To preach Christ love was your desire
The pagan led to Heaven
And from that calling never tired
Until your journey ended
And so you passed that lonely road
You heaven inspired apostle.