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Boiler Room Poems

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We are now well into our 2nd year as a Boiler Room and have seen 2 other SA Boiler Rooms come into being in the past few months. First was Liverpool based at the famous Strawberry Fields and then just recently the latest addition to the SA Boiler Room family at Notting Hill.

The BIG news for us this year is that we have plans to knock down our current building and rebuild. We are currently unsure as to when this work will actually commence.

Heal Our Land

Forgive us Lord.
We have brought hurt to Your land.
The land that You have given us.
Forgive us our divisions,
Based on intolerance
Based on rebellion
Based on fear.We see the wounds we have caused
And cry out for your mercy.
Thank You Lord for Your patience
Until the time You ordained
When Your Church should come together.
In humility, unity and prayer.
As we seek your face
And turn from our wicked ways.
Have mercy on us
And heal our land

The Journey

As we travel the long road ahead,
Jesus surround us
Go in front to lead us
Guard us from behind
Be on our left and our right.
When we stray from the path
Bring us quickly back.
When we grow weary
Renew our strength
When we are fearful,
Give us courage.
When we despair,
Give us hope.

Boiler Room People

I have called you, my people, to join my adventure
To follow where I lead, to ride my waves
I have given you all that you need.... for now.
And you must trust me for all that is to come.

I need you all not just a few
Those who do prayer
Those who are committed.
I need the timid,
Who need encouragement, who are not sure,
Where we are going.
I need the weak, those who mess up
And want to quit, yet come back for more.

I need the strong
And the Bold and the confident,
Who know the way
And can lead others
On the Journey ahead.

Do not be afraid,
I am with you always
I will not leave you or forsake you
You are my people
And I have called you