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Prayer Poems

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Count Zinzendorf



So long ago you lived
And yet you seem so real
So relevant for our day.
For in truth we are your descendants
Not in the flesh but in the Spirit.
You called your people to pray
And they prayed
And prayed
And prayed
Continuous prayer lasting over 100 years.
And so John Wesley felt his heart strangely warmed
And the name of the Lord was spread throughout our land.
Many years later at the sign of The Blind Beggar
William Booth raised an army to fight for justice and salvation.
And we, in our day
Have been called to pray
To become a House of Prayer
Who will our descendants be?

21 March 2004

Count Zinzendorf called the Moravian Church to pray 24/7 in 1727. They prayed continuously for over 100 years.


Why do we find it so hard Lord?
To make a sacrifice of time to you.
Just an hour or two in your presence
To build a house of prayer for your Name.
You gave us so much
Even giving up your life
To take the punishment we deserve.
Deepen our commitment LordHelp us to live the adventure with you,
To take the risk,
To follow where you call us.
Lord we are weak
But when we are weak, you are strong.
We are your chosen people for our time.
Your Spirit empowers us,
Encourages us, inspires us.
So why do we find it so hard Lord?
Lord have mercy on us.
Christ have mercy on us.
Lord have mercy on us.

Doing or Being?

Lord I love to be doing
Serving you with my gifts and time
I love to get involved with what you are doing
To be ever on the move as I strive to serve you.
Service can be hard
Service can be challenging.
Yet there are so many needs to be met.
So many hurting people

The world needs doers,
Those who will accept the challenge
Those who will battle through the tough times.

So why Lord do you call me to be
Rather than to do?
To spend time alone with you
Why do you ask me to be still,
And listen?

Listening is hard
Listening takes time
It is far harder than serving
Listening stops me,
From doing your work.
And yet as I listen,You speak
I am learning to be
Rather than to do.
You want my love
More than my service.
And As I listen
I hear your agenda.
You want me to go
And tell others about your love
And that above all what You desire
Is a relationship.