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The fight still goes on to "Make Poverty History". Advances have been made but there is a long way to go.
For ideas about campaigning check out the Make Poverty History website or contact any of the partner organisations.

In particular Jubilee Debt Campaign are running a campaign called "Cutting the Strings" to highlight the damaging conditions which are often attached to debt relief. For more details go to the JDC website from the link below.




Make Poverty History in 2007





The Salvation Army for a new generation



The Pain of Love

Does God understand the pain of love?
The loneliness we feel
The rejection the betrayal of trust by a friend.
Does He understand the experience of total separation
From one He loves?
Does He understand the agony and grief of the soul?
The cost and the pain of love.

God sent his only Son into the world.
He was despised and rejected by men
Betrayed by a friend.
He experienced total separation from His beloved Son.
In the garden Jesus knew agony and grief beyond compare.
The cost and the pain were borne for us on the cross.
Yes God knows the pain of love.

October 1984

Cry of the Unknown Hostages

When you say that you care about the hostages,
What do you really mean?
Do you really care for my brothers and sisters,
Who never make your news bulletins?
Do they really matter to you?
We are the forgotten ones,
The unseen.
They make no videos of us,
Make no demands of the West.
Sometimes they demand a ransom
But who will pay?
Who will redeem me?
Before I pay the ultimate price,
Before the axeman comes.
And yet your Jesus said
"I have come to proclaim freedom"
Will He redeem me?
Will He pay the price for me?
Can He really rescue me?
I do not know your Jesus,
So I need you to speak on my behalf.
I don't want to die.
I want to live!
I want to see my children grow up
I need help NOW!
Before the axeman comes.
And now it is too late
For now the axeman comes.

November 2004 Written in response to the plight of many Iraqi hostages who died without publicity from the Western media. Many would not have known Jesus and many perhaps never knew of the great price that Jesus paid for them.

Prayer for Justice

You came to set men free Lord
Yet men are still bound by oppression
To proclaim your justice Lord
But still injustice is rife in your world.
You came in love but men preferred hatred
You came in peace but men preferred war

How shall we show the world your care Lord?

The Lord says:
Where man is oppressed - proclaim my freedom.
Where injustice rules - let my justice be known.
Where there is violence - I give you my peace
Where there is hatred - I give you my love.

Lord show that you care through us your people that we might be:

For freedom and against oppression
For justice and against injustice
For love and against hatred
For love and against violence
That we may follow the example of Jesus our Master. Amen